About Odile Jewels

Passionate about work, creating the most delicate jewelry in the world. Combined with a female touch and there you have it: Odile Jewels. Founder and designer Geraldine Saddal, born and raised in the heart of Amsterdam, is a woman with a strong personality. She knows exactly what she wants, and blends all her creativity into a product of high quality. In all collections you will find her imprint, which makes every single piece of Odile Jewels a unique ornament.

Geraldine loves to share her passion and skills with the world with top hand-made pieces. Combining craftmanship and tradition, Geraldine is proud to establish a brand where true craftmanship prevails. Odile Jewels makes sure that every single piece satisfies its high standards before leaving its atelier.

All designs are handmade with precision and dedication, and are a joy for life. Your life!